Chattooga River


The Chattooga River, with its unique ecology, high rainfall, unusual geology of cliffs, gorges, waterfalls, and steep grades is considered to be in the ”world class” category of rivers. The Chattooga is home to a diverse population of wildlife, flora and fauna including species that are endangered.


The Chattooga was designated a National Wild and Scenic River by Congress on May 10th of 1974.  This designation was established to protect the river from disturbance by man so that the Chattooga and its corridor provide a clean, litter-free experience for generations to come. However, the growth in population in the mountain areas and resulting activities pose a multifaceted danger to the river’s future.


We are working in collaboration with national and regional environmental and cultural heritage organizations including the Chattooga Sounds Camp, Chattooga Belle Farm and Southeastern Expeditions. Chattooga River, its wildlife, flora and fauna continue to be protected for years to come.


Each of our environmental partners will have an educational presence during and after the Paddle Faster Mud Run.

Help us protect this incredible natural resource!


Donations may be made: 


Online: chattoogariverfestival.eventbrite.com 




 By Mail:


Chattooga River Festival
Save the Chattooga Fund
P.O. Box 29
Long Creek, SC 29658


Thank you to our Environmental Partners:




Under South Carolina law, an agritourism professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in an agritourism activity resulting from an inherent risk associated with the agritourism activity. 

(Chapter 53, Title 46, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976)


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May 10, 2014